Kate and Shaun ~ A love + light filled Adelaide Hills Engagement

I absolutely love hearing how partner’s propose to their lover and this story got me good! It is too sweet not to share so with Kate and Shaun’s blessing, here we go..

Kate, a Nurse, had had a busy and stressful day at work so when she got home and had a shower Shaun made her a cup of tea. Kate followed him into the kitchen and as he was shooing her out Kate heard a puppy whimper. Shaun said “oh the neighbours have had a puppy visiting” to which her only question was could we go steal it 🙈😂 Kate went to get dressed and yelled out to Shaun “we aren’t doing anything special tonight or going out? Can I just put my trackies on?” He replied yes, so Kate put on her daggy track pants and baggy jumper, and sat on the couch with her cup of tea. She started telling Shaun all about her stressful shift. He was sitting on the edge of the seat like he was going to get up and Kate snapped at him a little asking if she was boring him (🙈) to which he said “no, I just remembered I got a present for you”

Shaun told Kate it was in his car so he went outside. When he came back in he was carrying a wicker basket with a red bow tied around it, and she heard a whimper. Kate instantly started crying and when she lifted the lid found the most adorable little puppy looking up at her. Kate pulled him (soon after named Mo) straight into her arms still sobbing and asking if it was really theirs! After assuring her it was Shaun then got down on one knee and pulled out a box from his pocket and said “now you’ve got plan A I can finally ask you, will you marry me?!” Kate doesn’t remember saying yes, she just remember crying even more somehow- but later she checked and she did say yes!

I am SO so excited to be photographing their wedding tomorrow (with Mo by their side) and cannot wait to capture allll of the emotion, celebration and love xox

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