Mark + Margarita | Adelaide Wedding

Mark and Margarita first met online through chance when two different sites shared their information with each other, without their knowledge. After talking for a while they had their first date at Grange Beach. Margarita says she was very shy but Mark eased her nerves with his humour. Then, as they say, the rest is history!

On a cool but beautiful morning in September I arrived at Adams, Marks best mans, home. The boys were already ready + eager to go! Mark was calm but excited and had the sweetest smile the whole time I was there. I just knew he couldn’t wait to see Margarita. After Adams I headed over to Margaritas home where the hustle and bustle was in full swing. Hair and makeup were being carefully applied, dresses were being fluffed and bow ties were being tied. Amongst the fun that is a wedding morning Margarita sat, relaxed and poised. At 31 weeks pregnant with their first child together, Margarita was not feeling 100% but still had that glow. Today was the day she marries her Prince Charming.

 Surrounded by her beautiful bridesmaids Amy and Cynthia plus her two wonderful children Mia and Isaiah, Margarita was at ease as everything was going smoothly. After the preparations were complete and she had slipped into that gorgeous gown we headed to the ceremony. Modbusry Sferas was the most beautiful venue and perfect as it was a little drizzly outside. Mark and the boys were already there, waiting patiently and looking mighty suave! Isaiah had the honour of walking his mum down the aisle and boy did he look proud! Kate Browne from Blissful Ceremonies of Adelaide was their wonderful Celebrant and really brought together the feeling of love, commitment and family. Surrounded by their closest family and friends, Mark and Margarita said I do.

After Bridal portraits the celebrations continued at Sferas in their gorgeous Starlight Ballroom. The theme was simple elegance and a relaxed atmosphere with close family + friends. Boy did you guys deliver, stunning!

Although Mark and Margarita have shared some tough times they are always there for one another. With their first baby due any time now this wonderful family are excited for what the future holds xx

Venue, Decor, Food + Lighting: Modbury Sferas

Dress: Princess Bridal Collection

Suits: Peter Shearer Menswear

Flowers: Muscari Florist

Hair + Makeup: Makeup and Beauty at Aubrey Allure Studio

Celebrant: Kate Browne from Blissful Ceremonies of Adelaide

Engagement session: ❤︎

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mark-margarita-272“Mark always knows how to make me smile and I love that about him”- Margarita (aka the Smitten Bride) x mark-margarita-275 mark-margarita-286 mark-margarita-291 mark-margarita-301 mark-margarita-305 mark-margarita-306 mark-margarita-307 mark-margarita-309 mark-margarita-312 mark-margarita-319 mark-margarita-323 mark-margarita-326 mark-margarita-328 mark-margarita-329 mark-margarita-331 mark-margarita-334

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