Megan, Shannon, Tom + Molly | Adelaide Hills Family Photographer

For Mother’s Day last year (yep, I’m that behind on blogging 🤦🏼‍♀️) I offered a limited round of mini sessions. Being a mother myself I know how important it is to capture this time with your little ones because that time fairy is sneaky, really sneaky! Bink and your babies are two or four or sixteen! I also believe wholeheartedly that you should exist in those photo with your children. Every single day you are making memories so why not capture some for your children to look back on. Cue Mother’s Day Mini Sessions, round one x


Meet Megan, Mum to two vivacious & cheeky little cherubs Tom and Molly who literally think she is Wonder Woman. The way their eyes light up when she is playing around with them and the amount of times they just wanted a hug during the session was too sweet for words! Dad Shannon is just a kid at heart too and the way he looked at Megan… ahhh melting! Tom and Molly may just wanted to run a muck, jump off of benches and play with sticks but you know what? This is everyday life, this is the real them in that moment and this.. this is just perfect xo

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