Michelle + Kevin | Hallet Cove Engagement

Hallet Cove Beach is a pretty special spot for Kevin and Michelle so it was the perfect spot for their Engagement session back in February 💍
Kevin had bought Michelle’s Engagement ring just before their 18 month anniversary. They had started planning a day out to celebrate and Kevin knew this was the perfect opportunity. He had been racking his brain as to how he could propose when an idea came to mind, the beach. They had both loved walking the Hallet Cove Beach area and it was a beautiful, romantic spot.
Their date day had arrived and Kevin still wasn’t 100% sure of how to propose. He knew he wanted to use his guitar but had no idea how to get it down to the beach without Michelle catching on (yep, he’s a romantic).. but then Michelle suggested he bring his Ukulele with them on their beach walk and the stars had aligned!!
Once they had arrived to the car park the sun was setting fast so Kevin made Michelle power walk/run the many many flights of stairs to get to their favourite spot on the shoreline. They finally arrived just as the sun was shimmering away. Kevin sang Michelle a song whilst playing his ukulele and asked Michelle if she would be his wife! ♥️
On the night they became engaged, Kevin remarked how lovely and red the light was at sunset. On the night of their Engagement session both Michelle and Kevin were amazed that it seemed to be the exact same light some 4 months later.. Magic
Here’s hoping for this gorgeous light on their Wedding day this November xo


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