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Monday the 8th of November 2021


As I sit here, one week on from re-launching my business out into the world, I’m feeling so many emotions. Looking back at where I first started on this journey, I can’t help but smile. What started as a creative outlet to give me a break from my job as a Nurse, turned out to be my dream career.

Back in 2014 Ben and I were away for the weekend and he asked me if I was looking forward to going back to work. I looked at him and truthfully answered no. He then asked me, if I could do anything, what would it be? I smiled and said “I want to be a Photographer”. ~ Ben laughed and said “you don’t even own your own camera!”

He was right. For months I had been using his camera and photographing flowers, objects, friends and family. It brought so much joy to my life and I always had a smile on my face & butterflies in my tummy, I still do.

So at that moment when Ben asked me that question I was brutally honest with him (and myself). Although he initially laughed, he then proceeded to say “well do it!” Then and there we started thinking of a business name- I decided to stick to my own as I believed it was more personal. We then registered that name and started researching cameras. The next day we came home and went to Harvey Norman to look at cameras. I had two clear choices Nikon or Canon.. I ended up choosing Nikon solely because I liked the sound of the shutter better!! Look, it turned out to be the right choice and I am a proud Nikon owner to this day- plus I have heard that shutter sound for seven years now and I’m still not sick of it! After I chose my fancy new camera, I enrolled in a beginners course for photography- let’s just say it taught me the bare basics.. if that! A lot of photography is self taught, how you like your photos to look, how bright, how in focus etc. Fast forward to me conning all my friends and family into having free photo shoots so I could practice.. because lets face it, I needed it! I am so thankful for them and it truly helped me gain experience and confidence.

When I finally had the courage to set up a facebook page I was SO nervous and offered photo shoots for next to nothing. It took me a looooong while to see my worth and to finally say those words “I am a Photographer”.. this is when I knew I wanted to do this career full time and leave my nursing job.

A pic from my recent branding shoot with Goldlight Photography


Six months after buying my own camera & focusing on my new business, our dreams came true.. I was pregnant! In the months that followed, through severe morning sickness and all, I continued working as a Nurse and doing photography on the side. As my tummy grew so did my ambition..

I had always been nervous at the thought of photographing weddings. The pressure of getting the shot right was overwhelming and I put it to the back of my mind. That was until a friend from my nursing course got in contact with me about photographing her best friends wedding. She assured me it was going to be beautiful but simple day with a seaside ceremony and backyard reception. Although I was nervous I met with the couple. They were so relaxed and laid back that I excitedly agreed! Well, this wedding changed the entire course of my career! At 6 months pregnant I photographed my first wedding and was hooked! (Side note: I went on to photograph 60+ weddings and loved every single one of them ♡).

Self portraits back in September 2016!

When Amelia safely arrived in March 2016 my whole world changed, as it should. I spent the first six months wholly obsessed with my sweet girl and didn’t think about nursing at all. I worked in the background when I could building a website to showcase my work. Dreading my maternity leave ending I gave myself an ultimatum. I told myself that if I booked ten weddings for the next year I would leave my job.. I booked twelve! I handed in my resignation and jumped head first into juggling business owner/mum/wife life.


A few short years later our gorgeous Chloe arrived safely in June 2019 (after an extremely stressful pregnancy full of severe sickness). She turned our world upside down in the most beautiful way. The love we have for her is unreal and seeing the bond Amelia & her have now is too amazing to put into words ♡

A photo from Chloes newborn session with Katherine Schultz Photography

With the beautiful chaos that is raising a family also comes clarity. Clarity can come in many forms but to me it is noticing and acknowledging the beauty in the everyday moments. It’s the love you feel & receive, the tears, the giggles, the all consuming love you never knew existed. It is everything and more. This clarity is what led me to move the focus of my business to families and other creative businesses, and to no longer photograph weddings.

Cue a complete re-brand ❀

On the 1st of November 2021, seven years to the day of starting my business, I re-launched Amanda Kate Photography and put out into the world a website and brand that is me to the core. I am so proud of this business I created from scratch, and myself. My hope is that my girls see me working hard but having fun, finding a balance between being creative and a businesswoman to being their happy, engaged and loving mum.


Lastly, I just want to leave you with these words I wrote a few weeks ago as I was working on my website late at night. I asked myself, what do photographs mean to me? Why are they so important? This is what I wrote..


The most incredible gift we are so lucky to have, hold and cherish. How grateful we should be for technology to allow us to capture moments so special, so intimate and full of so much love. Words can’t even start to describe.. it’s magic, pure and simple. Let this be your reminder once again (heck, I’ll shout it from the rooftops if I need to) to get in the photos with you children. Love on them, snuggle them, tickle them, sing to them and make them smile & sparkle from the inside, in only ways that you can. This is what I want to capture for my family and for yours ♡

Thank you for reading & for being here,

Amanda x